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Special Pain release remedy

 $30   Cupping Remedy (20 min)
 $50   Gua Sha Remedy  (30 min) 
 $80    Osteo-manipulation (40min) 

TCM remedial Massage
$45    Deep Tissue Remedial (20 min)
$60    Deep Tissue Remedial (30 min)
$80    Deep Tissue Remedial (40 min)

Chinese Herbal Medicine 
HealthSpace Honsby & Mosman

$108   Initial Consultation (60 Min)
Initial Consultation +Acupuncture      

$93    Subsequent Consultation (45 - 60 Min)   
Standard Consultation + Acupuncture
$427.5    5 Packs Acupuncture Consultation + Treatment
$75     Musculoskeletal Consultation
$135    Cosmetic Acupuncture

$1215   Cosmetic Acupuncture (10 Packs )

Dr. Li TCM Clinic Rhodes

 Consultation: $60  
 Herbs:  $10 - 15 per day